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Tender Sapling’s Best of 2013: Top posts from the year

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IMG_0221We hope you have all been enjoying the end of 2013 – pausing to spend needed time with family & friends, rest, eat, reflect, and so on.  We sure have (and thus haven’t been blogging much lately)!

As we bid 2013 farewell, we thought it’d be fun to review the top ten visited posts from 2013 on the Tender Sapling blog. These don’t include all our favorites, but are the ones that attracted the most readers. If you missed one, here’s a chance to catch up.

Happy reading!

1)   Homemade Yogurt Grows Good Cultures + Character too!

2)   May Day Fun: Dandelion Soup Recipe

3)   Gratitude Giveaway – What Are You Thankful For?

4)   Acorn Wisdom: A Gem Worth Passing Down the Generations (This one was included on the Moments a Day list of 100 Kids Activities to Build Character.)

5)   Mama – Magic in the World

6)   Japan: Cultural Reading Adventures + Fun Food and Crafts for Kids

7)   Take-off to Norway: Explore the Land of the Midnight Sun

8)   Migrate to Mongolia: A Tender Sapling Travelers Cultural Adventure – Part 2 (Prayer Wheels)

9)   Migrate to Mongolia: A Tender Sapling Travelers Cultural Adventure – Part 3 (Food)

10)   Sunshine Award – Not Just a Chain Letter (?)

Thanks so much for reading along this last year. We appreciate your visiting and love your comments! See you in 2014!


Author: Emily

Emily is homeschooling mama to three amazing boys, whose alarming growth and appetites keep her running laps to the grocery store. She writes about loving life amidst the piles of laundry and legos. When life is just too much, she binges on chocolate and plans a dream trip around the world.

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