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While we sold out of some of our uplifting, eco-friendly products before closing our original online shop in February 2015*, a lot remains! You can still  order what you like directly from us. Please email your order to us at tendersapling@gmail.com.

We offer first-time and returning customer discounts, which you can request with your order. If you are interested in a wholesale purchase, please email us to request a price list. Below is a visual recap of our products — screenshots from our old shop. Prices shown are full price, but again, just ask about our customer appreciation discounts and wholesale prices.

*We closed our original online shop to make room for new seeds to grow. We are in the process of producing our next product, deciding how to make it available, and determining if and how our previous products fit into that picture. Please contact us if you have feedback about the upcoming Virtues Tree. We want it to be something you and your family (or students) will love! 🙂

have fun browsing!

wall art * tees & bodysuits * stationery * bags * bibs * tattoos & stickers

“We love the beautiful themes of Tender Sapling’s products. They remind me to take advantage of the precious and simple opportunites to teach empowering messages to my children.”

– Chelsea, creator of Moments a Day blog

Love All the World

Love in Henna

Love in Henna Theme page

With All Your Heart

With All Your Heart Theme pg

Baby Bean & Tender Sapling

Baby Bean & Tender Sapling Theme Pg (top 12 products)

Baby Bean & Tender Sapling Theme pg (bottom 2 products)

Sampler Sets of Stationery, Wall Art, Stickers & Tattoos

Sampler Stationery Set small image Sampler Wall Art small image Sampler Set of Tattoos small image Sampler Set of Stickers small image


Ready to place an order?

Email us at tendersapling@gmail.com

Request a customer appreciation discount or wholesale price list & we’ll be happy to help you.

– emily & scott

Customer comments:
“Thank you so much for the order and extras.  We love it all!!” – Amy
“I love your products so much and I don’t want to see them stop.” – Laura
“I really love your cards and wanted to order more so I have some when I want to write to friends.” – Sharareh
“Excited to see what’s coming next from you all!” – Sarah
“We sold 3 of your shirts today, lots of stickers and tattoos!  I think it is a great idea to market to bookstores as so many of us want this type of merchandise and cannot find them.” – Joyce


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